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A very humble and ambitious client steps on our door steps expecting a project that could become the next landmark of the city and act as a milestone representing 10 years of their business. Since, the developer had been with us since the inception of their business we were familiar with there taste and style. The client had 2 requirements one that the building should be associated with blue and second the name should be blue crystal. It is at this very moment that the building molded itself into a multifaceted structure similar to crystals. The main facade faces north allowing us to create a fully glazed structure giving the users maximum view, light and perspective by means of triangulated faces that vary in angles. The change in angles of the faces allowed us to capture reflective light from different direction allowing varied hues throughout the day. The faces are carefully oriented so as to minimize light bounce inside the building from the harsh west sun, additionally creating large air pockets in the form of prisms to vacuum hot air. The building compromises of mild steel box section that control the angel of the form with further subdivided glass grid optimized using algorithms to reduce wastage of sheets by 30%. If observed carefully the larger facets are irregular while the subdivision of glass are equilateral looking triangles of similar scale this was a conscious effort to balance the aesthetics of the building where chaos is governed by order similar to the behavior found in crystals or any natural creation.

Blue Crystal

A facade that romances with light due to it's prismatic form


Office Building


Blue Mark Constrcution




Anand, Gujarat, India



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