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About me

Kuber Patel born into a family of designers was gradually groomed into having a creative pursuit right from childhood. After his Bachelors in Architecture, he worked in noteworthy offices under Prof. Bimal Patel in Ahmedabad and Prof. A.G.K. Menon in New Delhi over large-scale conservation, institutional, cultural, urban design and planning projects. Nominating Delhi under UNESCO’s world heritage cities and campus for Indian Institute of Information Technology, Gandhinagar were two landmark projects he was involved with at INTACH and HCP.

Upon graduation the knowledge he gained from AA helped him focus on performance-oriented architecture where humanity can benefit from scientifically designed built environment. He has even gained experience from a London-based firm working on high-end hotel projects such as the Royal London House. Returning back to India he now handles KPA Ahmedabad studio working on large scale urban and commercials projects. Kuber Patel has now successfully introduced a Research-based design approach where all KPA projects are optimised in performance by understanding response and behaviour between climate, function, form, material and structure.

A recognised expert in parametric computational building design and installations Prof. Kuber is a faculty at CEPT University, Ahmedabad also visiting other institutions like NID. He strongly believes that architecture should be for serving a sustainable relationship between mankind and the natural environment.


Current Invovlement

Director of KPA 789 Degree

Associate at KPA Deesign Studio

Associate at andblackstudio

Visting faculty at CEPT University

Visting faculty at NID


HCP Design, Planning & Management Pvt.

[2013-13 December-November]

INTACH - Delhi Chapter

[2010-11 May-November] 

SGP Contracts

[2016 April - October]



Masters of Architecture



Emergent Technologies and Design

School of Architecture 

Architectural Association

Bachelor of Architecture


Environmental Design and Planning

School of Architecture

Arvindbhai Patel Institute of Environmental Design


Visual programming
rasshopper and relevant plug ins
Primitive component

Karamba (FEA analysis)  

Ladybug and Honeybee

(Environmental performance)
Anemone Octopus Rabbit
(Feedback Loops) (Genetic Algorithm) (l-system and CA )
Kangaroo (Physics)

Space Syntax, Cheetah
(Syntactical) (Syntactical)

Processing, GhPython

3d and 2d Modelling
Google SketchUp 2016
Rhinoceros 5, Auto Cad 2015, ArchiCAD
Revit 2017, 3Ds Max 2017

Analytical tools
ArcGis 10, Flow Design, Autdesk CFD

Graphic editing
Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign,
CorelDRAW 6

Document editing
Microsoft office, I work

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